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Water Bill Payment Help

How Can We Help?

The information below is a list of payment programs to assist you in paying off your water bill. These resources exist to ensure your water will not be shut off. If you are having trouble determining which program is right for you, our Customer Service Advocates are here to help.

  • Flexible and extended payment plans
    Email a Customer Service Advocate or call (408) 279-7900 for assistance.
  • SJW’s Customer Assistance Program (CAP)
    CAP, formerly known as the Water Rate Assistance Program (WRAP), provides a 15% discount on the total water bill for eligible customers based on income. Apply in English , Spanish or Vietnamese .  If you need more information, email customer service or call (408) 279-7900.
  • California Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)  
    The federally-funded LIHWAP provides financial assistance to low-income Californians to help manage their residential water bill costs. The Department of Community Services & Development (CSD) has been designated the administering agency for LIHWAP in California. San Jose Water is coordinating with Sacred Heart Community Services to make sure customers are aware of this important program. To learn more, call (408) 916-5014. 
    • El LIHWAP de financiamiento federal brinda asistencia financiera a los ciudadanos de California de bajos ingresos para ayudar a gestionar los costos de sus facturas de agua residencial. El Departamento de Servicios Comunitarios y Desarrollo (CSD) ha sido designado como la agencia administradora del LIHWAP en California. San Jose Water está coordinando con Sacred Heart Community Services para asegurarse de que los clientes estén al tanto de este programa importante. Para obtener más información, llame al (408) 916-5014.
    • Chương Trình Hỗ Trợ Nước cho Hộ Gia Đình Thu Nhập Thấp (LIHWAP) do liên bang tài trợ cung cấp hỗ trợ tài chính cho người dân California có thu nhập thấp để giúp quản lý chi phí hóa đơn nước sinh hoạt của họ. Sở Dịch vụ và Phát triển Cộng đồng California (Department of Community Services & Development, CSD) đã được chỉ định là cơ quan quản lý chương trình LIHWAP tại California. San Jose Water đang phối hợp với Sacred Heart Community Services để đảm bảo khách hàng biết về chương trình quan trọng này. Để tìm hiểu thêm, hãy gọi (408) 916-5014.
    • 这项由联邦政府提供资金的 LIHWAP 计划为加州低收入居民提供经济援助,帮助管理他们的住宅水费开支。社区服务与发展部 (CSD) 已被指定为加州 LIHWAP 计划的管理机构。San Jose Water 正在与 Sacred Heart Community Services 协调,确保客户了解这项重要计划。如需了解更多信息,请致电 (408) 916-5014。
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      LIHWAP ad showing woman paying bills 1-877-278-6455
  • West Valley Community Services
    A non-profit, community-based agency is offering water bill assistance to the west valley communities of Santa Clara County. Contact (408) 255-8033.
  • St Vincent De Paul Society (SVdP) - Santa Clara County
    While the type of assistance may vary by church and location, SVdP is committed to helping their community through person-to-person services, including paying water bill expenses. Contact (408) 249-2853.
  • Sacred Heart Community Service and Valley Water have a program to help low-income households pay water bills. Visit: or contact (877) 278-6455.
  • Dial 211 for Essential Community Services
    211 is a resource and referral line that provides information on social assistance programs and other health and human services. Contact 211.


What Should You do?


Many people will experience trouble paying their bills and expenses during their lifetime. It’s important to remember that you are not alone and that by being proactive, we can help you find a solution. If you’ve fallen behind on your water bills, please contact a Customer Service Advocate at (408) 279-7900 or email to discuss options.